Pine Dado Rail Moulding 69 x 28mm x 2.4m

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This dado rail moulding, measuring 69mm x 28mm x 2400mm, is crafted from lightweight and resilient softwood pine, adding a refined aesthetic touch to interiors. It offers easy installation using adhesive or pins, and with its strength, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness, is suitable for a wide array of projects.

Product Description

This dado rail moulding measures 69mm x 28mm x 2400mm and is made from lightweight, straight-grained softwood pine, known for its strength and elasticity. Easy to install, the rail has a rounded profile that adds a refined aesthetic touch to any interior design. With its durability and cost-effectiveness, it has broad utility for a variety of projects. Installation is straight forward with the use of adhesive or pins to attach it to the wall.

Product Specification

Width (mm)28
Thickness (mm)69
Length (m)2.4
Dimensions (metric)69mm x 28mm x 2.4m