Wedge Bead Moulding Pine 12 x 15mm x 2.4m

SKU: 109917
Est. £3.18 - £3.18  + VAT
Our Wedge Bead Moulding, 12mm x 15mm x 2400mm, in pine is perfect for securing glass panels and adding a decorative touch to doors or glass glazing. Easy to install with pins or adhesive, these lightweight mouldings offer a classic aesthetic. Benefiting from pine's strength, elasticity, and affordability, these mouldings are practical for diversifying projects.

Product Description

Our Wedge Bead Moulding in Pine measures 12mm x 15mm x 2400mm. These mouldings are designed to secure glass panels while adding a decorative touch, providing a classic and traditional aesthetic. They can be easily affixed on doors or glass glazing using pins or adhesive, adding a modern flair to any setting. Made from lightweight, straight-grained Pine, these mouldings are user-friendly and simple to work with. Pine's strength, elasticity, and affordability make it an ideal choice for diversified projects. Add elegance to your home or office with our durable and cost-effective Pine moulding.

Product Specification

Width (mm)15
Thickness (mm)12
Length (m)2.4
Dimensions (metric)12mm x 15mm x 2.4m