Staff Bead Moulding Pine 15 x 27mm x 2.4m

SKU: 109915
Est. £4.06 - £4.06  + VAT
This staff bead moulding offers a vintage appeal and secures glass panels. With a blend of straight and rounded edges, it's easily attached with pins or adhesive. Made from lightweight, straight-grained pine, it offers convenience and durability. Its affordability makes it a favored option for various projects.

Product Description

Providing a vintage and classic touch, this staff bead moulding is designed for keeping glass panels secure while enhancing aesthetic appeal. This moulding boasts straight and rounded edges, rendering a unique pattern that can be affixed with pins or adhesive. Constructed from lightweight, straight-grained pine, it is both convenient to work with and light in weight. The durability, flexibility, and budget-friendly nature of pine make it a preferred choice for a multitude of projects.

Product Specification

Width (mm)27
Thickness (mm)15
Length (m)2.4
Dimensions (metric)15mm x 27mm x 2.4m