Wedge Bead Moulding Pine 15 x 12mm x 2.4m

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Est. £3.18 - £3.18  + VAT
The Wedge Bead Moulding is a versatile, classic design made from lightweight Pine that enhances any property. Measuring 15mm x 12mm x 2400mm, it perfectly secures glass panels in doors or windows. Install with ease using pins or adhesive. Its durability and cost-efficiency make it ideal for many projects.

Product Description

The Wedge Bead Moulding, made from lightweight and straight-grained softwood Pine, is a versatile and practical addition to glass panels or door glazing. Measuring 15mm x 12mm x 2400mm, it effectively holds glass panels in place whilst providing an aesthetic appeal with its traditional and classic design. Its usage provides a modern touch to any property €“ it can be installed hassle-free using pins or adhesive. The elasticity, strength and affordability of Pine make this moulding an ideal solution for an array of projects.

Product Specification

Width (mm)12
Thickness (mm)15
Length (m)2.4
Dimensions (metric)15mm x 12mm x 2.4m