TV & Satellite Cable AL/AL RG6 White on 100m Drum

SKU: 109846
Est. £15.59 - £15.59  + VAT
The AL/AL RG6 TV & Satellite Cable, in a classic white hue, ensures topnotch performance and durability with its 75 ohm impedance, and 5-cell low-loss semi airspace. It features an aluminium foil and braid to enhance efficiency.

Product Description

This TV & Satellite Cable AL/AL RG6 is available in a white colour and comes on a 100m drum. It offers 75 ohm impedance and features a 5 cell low-loss semi airspace, ensuring high performance and durability. Additionally, it possesses an aluminium foil and braid, boosting its overall efficiency.

Product Specification

BrandsPrysmian, Nexans, Draka, Doncaster Cables, Belden, General Cable, Pitacs
Length (m)100
Packaging TypeDrum