Rubber Bitumen Emulsion

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Rubber Bitumen Emulsion is a solvent-free, damp-proof membrane that dries to a durable, black coating. Ideal for use in sandwich constructions, as a waterproofer for structures, or a bonding agent for plaster and tricky surfaces. It can also be applied on green concrete, or used as an adhesive for wood and insulation materials. It's applicable even on damp surfaces, resistant to extreme temperatures, and has a low odour.

Product Description

This is a Rubber Bitumen Emulsion that serves as a highly effective, solvent-free, damp-proof membrane. Its drying results in a durable, black coating ideal for use in sandwich constructions. Besides acting as a waterproofing agent for various structures like floors and walls, it can also be utilised as a bonding agent for plasters on tricky surfaces. The emulsion can be applied to green concrete as a curing membrane. It's useful as an adhesive for items like wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene and cork panels. Remarkably, it can be applied even to damp surfaces and is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuation, with the added bonus of low odour.

Product Specification

BrandsBlack Jack, Cromar, Everbuild, IKO, Rust-Oleum
Volume (L)5
Weight (kg)5.285