Clamp Cowl in Natural Aluminium

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The Clamp Cowl in neutral aluminium effectively resolves downdraught issues using principles of aerodynamics. It employs venturi shape to stabilize air pressure and expel smoke and fumes from chimneys. Renowned for its practical reliability, it offers efficient smoke dispersion, making it an optimal choice for maintaining chimney systems.

Product Description

This Clamp Cowl, finished in neutral aluminium, boasts a proven track record in effectively solving downdraught issues. Functioning on the principles of aerodynamics, it cleverly utilises the venturi shape to reduce air pressure. This action subsequently pulls smoke and fumes up the chimney and dispenses them into the atmosphere. Undeniably practical and reliable, it demonstrates the ongoing relevance of established design principles. This cowl is ideal for those seeking efficient smoke dispersion and air pressure stability within their chimney system.

Product Specification