Polyethylene Eaves Filler (Pack of 6)

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This 6-pack of polyethylene foam fillers offers dust and water protection for corrugated roofs. Expertly pre-formed to seal eaves and ridges, they are compatible with various rooftops, including Onduline and Coroline. Each 840mm length piece ensures long-lasting rooftop protection due to high quality and compliance standards.

Product Description

This pack of 6 polyethylene fillers serves as a reliable dust and water barrier for corrugated rooftops. Precisely pre-formed, the foam filler is best suited for sealing eaves and ridges to enhance rooftop protection. They're designed for broad compatibility with various corrugated roofs such as Onduline and Coroline, having a length of 840mm each. High standard quality and compliance ensure their long-lasting effectiveness.

Product Specification

BrandsCembrit, Ariel Plastics Cromar, Corrapol,VISTALUX.