Roof Sheet Fixings - Green (Pack of 20)

SKU: 109606
Est. £15.02 - £15.02  + VAT
This pack of 20 roof sheet fixings, coated in green and made from durable galvanised steel, serves as a basic need for every roof installation. Fitting perfectly with a 65mm length, they offer weather protection and optimal stability with 20 fixings per sheet. Ideal for wooden roofs, they assure long-lasting quality.

Product Description

Get a pack of 20 roof sheet fixings, conveniently coated in green. These generic high-quality fixings are crafted from galvanised steel, providing superior durability. Suitable for fastening wooden roofs, these items come with a permanent waterproof cover, ensuring long-term protection from weather conditions. With a fixing length of 65mm, they adhere to the standard recommendation of 20 fixings per sheet for optimal stability. Simple yet efficient, these roof sheet fixings are an essential for every roof installation project.

Product Specification