PVC Roof Sheet - Heavy Duty ASB Sheet 3" - 9' Long

SKU: 109602
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This 1.1mm thick, 9 feet long heavy-duty ASB sheet is a versatile, economical and transparent solution for roofing and cladding. The corrugated design enhances its utility, making it an excellent choice for general use. Offering transparent, durable, and cost-effective coverage.

Product Description

This heavy-duty ASB sheet, with a thickness of 1.1mm and a length of 9 feet, is a multipurpose, economical, and transparent solution suitable for both roofing and cladding applications. The corrugated sheeting design enhances its practicality, making it an excellent choice for general purposes. With its transparency and durability, it provides reliable and cost-effective coverage options.

Product Specification

BrandsCembrit, Ariel Plastics Cromar, Corrapol,VISTALUX.
Width (mm)762
Thickness (mm)1.1
Dimensions (imperial)9'