PVC Roof Sheet [Superweight Sheet - 6' Long]

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The economy-grade, multi-use PVC sheet, with a 1.3mm thickness and 6' length, is ideal for various applications, including roofing and cladding. With attributes like robustness, cost-effectiveness, and transparency, it caters to a broad audience and complies with standard quality measures.

Product Description

This multi-purpose, economy-grade PVC sheet, measuring 1.3mm in thickness and a length of 6', is ideal for a broad range of applications. Its attributes include robustness, cost-effectiveness, and transparency, making it a versatile choice for both roofing and cladding tasks. As a multi-use PVC sheet, it complies with standard quality measures and caters to a wide audience.

Product Specification

BrandsCembrit, Ariel Plastics Cromar, Corrapol,VISTALUX.
Width (mm)762
Thickness (mm)1.3
Dimensions (imperial)6'