Corrugated Roof Eaves Fillers - 840mm (Pack of 6)

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This pack contains 6 pre-formed polyethylene foam fillers for corrugated roof eaves, measuring 840mm. Designed to seal gaps at the eaves and ridge to prevent water and dust entry, enhancing longevity and performance of roofs. Complies with industry standards, ensuring top-notch quality.

Product Description

This pack of 6 corrugated roof eaves fillers measures 840mm. Made from pre-formed polyethylene foam, these fillers are designed to seal the gaps at the eaves and ridge of corrugated roofs. They help to block the entry of water and dust, thereby enhancing the longevity and performance of the roof. Ensuring reliable and top-notch quality, these fillers comply with the industry standards.

Product Specification

BrandsCembrit, Ariel Plastics Cromar, Corrapol,VISTALUX.
Length (mm)840