Super Fixings 3 Inches

SKU: 109445
Est. £2.30 - £2.30  + VAT
The 3-inch Super Fixings product is a versatile and economical PVC sheet suitable for roofing and cladding. Featuring transparent corrugated sheeting and industry-standard quality, it offers durable and reliable performance. Its wide range of potential applications makes it a cost-effective choice for varied settings.

Product Description

This 3-inch Super Fixings product offers a versatile and economical solution for both roofing and cladding needs. It features transparent corrugated sheeting, making it a perfect general-purpose PVC sheet. Complying with industry-standard quality measures, it promises durability and reliable performance. This item can be used for various applications in different settings, providing a cost-effective solution for a wide range of users.

Product Specification

BrandsCembrit, Ariel Plastics Cromar, Corrapol,VISTALUX.