Bituminous Felt - Top Sheet Green, 1m x 10m

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This versatile green top sheet bituminous felt is compatible with various applications including nail fixing, cold adhesive, or bitumen. Ideal for flat roof decks requiring effective drainage with a minimum 1:80 incline. Recommended for multi-layer roofing systems under 10 degrees incline. Offers high durability and easy installation.

Product Description

This green top sheet bituminous felt is a versatile solution, compatible with various applications such as nail fixing, cold adhesive, or pour and roll bitumen application. It's ideal for flat roof decks with a minimum incline of 1:80 and a requirement for effective drainage. For roof inclines under 10 degrees, a multi-layer built-up roofing system is recommended. This standard-compliant product delivers high-quality durability and ease of installation.

Product Specification

Length (m)10
Width (m)1
Weight (kg)31.2