Invisiweep Terracotta

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This versatile wall weep specializes in moisture removal from external walls, blending seamlessly into various cavity tray systems, lintels or masonry structures. It boasts a unique venturi outlet tube for enhanced drainage and complies with the NHBC regulations and British standards: BS5250, BS5628, & BS8215 for assured quality and safety.

Product Description

This multi-functional wall weep is practically invisible and perfect for removing moisture from external walls. It's versatile enough to be used with various cavity tray systems, placed over external lintels, or employed on external masonry walls. This wall weep comes equipped with pioneering features such as a pressure-reducing venturi outlet tube for superior drainage performance. On top of this, it complies with the NHBC regulations and adheres to British standards: BS5250, BS5628, & BS8215, ensuring topmost quality and safety.

Product Specification

Width (mm)10
Length (mm)102
Height (mm)65
Weight (kg)0.0068