Over Fascia Vent G1200N

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The Over Fascia Vent G1200N ensures discreet and efficient ventilation in roof spaces for both new constructions and re-roofing projects. It features evenly distributed openings that keep out larger insects and remain clear of paint spills, debris, and water droplets.

Product Description

The Over Fascia Vent G1200N is an optimal way to discreetly maintain a positive airflow in the roof space, between the felt and the fascia board. This fine ventilation solution is suitable for both, construction of new structures and re-roofing circumstances. The G1200N features evenly distributed venting openings. These openings are specially designed to prevent the entry of larger insects whilst remaining wide enough to avoid getting clogged with paint spills, debris, or water droplets.

Product Specification

BrandsManthorpe, Timloc, Liniar