Lead Flashing Roll Code 5 - 600mm x 6m

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This 6m x 600mm Lead Flashing sheet weighs 91kg and conforms to the BS-EN12588 2006 standard. Primarily used in roofing for its weatherproofing benefits, it's adored for its durability and stability in various constructions. Renowned for quality, it assures reliability to a broad range of merchants and customers.

Product Description

This sheet of Lead Flashing measuring 6m x 600mm and weighing 91kg is manufactured to conform to the BS-EN12588 2006 standard. Lead Flashing is commonly used in roofing applications, providing essential weatherproofing benefits. It brings durability and stability, being a preferred choice across multiple constructions. This product offers key quality aspects, ensuring reliability for a wide range of merchants and their clientele.

Product Specification

MaterialMilled Lead
Width (mm)600
Thickness (mm)2.24
Length (m)6
Weight (kg)91