Lead Flashing Roll Code 3 - 300mm x 3m

SKU: 109027
Est. £218.16 - £218.16  + VAT
This 3m x 300mm, 13kg lead flashing sheet adheres to BS-EN12588 2006 standards, ensuring robust quality. Its versatility allows for diverse uses in construction, including applications in roofing and weatherproofing. Available from multiple merchants, it is an essential asset for renovation efforts.

Product Description

This is a sheet of lead flashing, sized at 3m x 300mm and weighing 13kg. Compliant with BS-EN12588 2006, it exemplifies sturdy quality and precision milling. Ideal for a range of uses, from roofing applications to weatherproofing structures, its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any construction or renovation project. This versatile product can be supplied by various merchants.

Product Specification

MaterialMilled Lead
Width (mm)300
Thickness (mm)1.32
Length (m)3
Weight (kg)13