Solar Reflective Paint 25L

SKU: 108718
This 25-litre Solar Reflective Paint is a robust, quick-drying solution for roof repairs, providing a shiny silver finish with its bituminous based aluminium formula. Easy-to-apply with UV shielding properties, it extends the lifespan of your repair works and ensures industry-standard top-quality results.

Product Description

This Solar Reflective Paint, in a 25-litre volume, is a durable and efficient solution for roof repairs. It is made from a bituminous based aluminium material, gives your surface a shiny silver finish, and has a brushing consistency for easy application. The paint is quick-drying, capable of drying within an hour under normal conditions. An essential feature is its ability to shield the repairs from UV degradation, thus extending their lifespan. Conforming to industry standards, this paint offers reliable performance and top-quality results.

Product Specification

BrandsDulux, Crown, Ronseal
Width (mm)300
Height (mm)460
Volume (L)25