Roof Repair Compound Evercryl Grey 2.5kg

SKU: 108700
The Roof Repair Compound, a fibre-reinforced, resin-based substance is perfect for immediate roof repairs, even in wet or frosty conditions (up to -5?C). Ideal for all common roofing surfaces, it instantly becomes waterproof upon application, making it excellent for emergency leakage interventions.

Product Description

The Roof Repair Compound is a fibre-reinforced, resin-based substance designed for efficient roof repair. Suitable for use on all common roofing surfaces, it provides immediate repairs, even in wet conditions or on damp surfaces. Capable of being applied under frosty conditions, even down to -5?C, this roof repair compound becomes waterproof instantly upon application. Hence, it is ideal for emergency leakage interventions, eliminating the need to wait for dry weather.

Product Specification

BrandsCromar, Everbuild, Sika, Bond-It, Bostik, Fomo, Mapei, Soudal, Geocel
Width (mm)155
Height (mm)160
Weight (kg)2.5