Pipe Insulation 22mm Wall 19mm Length 2m

SKU: 108665
This 2m long, 22mm wall insulation made from expanded polyethylene is a versatile and durable pipe solution. With superior heat conductivity at various temperatures and Class P fire rating, it withstands high heat and maintains exceptional quality standards. It's CFC and HCFC free, abides by robust environmental regulations, and is approved by the British Standards Institute.

Product Description

This 2m long pipe insulation with a 22mm wall and a diameter of 19mm is a flexible solution crafted from expanded polyethylene material. Suitable for a variety of uses, this pipe insulation provides excellent thermal conductivity, with distinct measures at temperatures of 0, 20, and 40 degrees Celsius. It bears a Class P fire rating, demonstrating its resistance in high heat conditions. Entirely free from CFC and HCFC, this pipe insulation adheres to robust environmental standards. Furthermore, it surpasses the demands of BS7523:1991, receiving approval by the British Standards Institute, testifying to its superior quality and safety.

Product Specification

BrandsRockwool, Armaflex, Kingspan
Length (mm)2000
Diameter (mm)60
Weight (kg)0.134
Pipe Diameter60 mm
Thermal Conductivity Internal (W/mK)0.034