PTFE Tape, 12mm x 12m

SKU: 108624
This is a 12mm x 12m thread sealing tape compliant with WRAS and BS 6920-1:2000 standards, used for airtight and watertight integrity in heating and plumbing systems. It seals threads carrying multiple liquids like water, propylene glycol, diesel, and kerosene. Resistant to cracking, it can endure up to 7bar and also provides vital lubrication, enhancing the overall sealing process.

Product Description

This is a thread sealing tape that adheres to WRAS and BS 6920-1:2000 standards, primarily used for ensuring airtight and watertight integrity in plumbing and heating systems. Its uses include sealing pipe threads carrying different liquids such as water, propylene glycol, kerosene, and diesel. The tape, measuring 12mm x 12m, is non-adhesive, resistant to cracking, and impermeable up to 7bar. Additionally, it performs a vital lubrication function, enhancing the durability and effectiveness of the sealing process.

Product Specification

BrandsPlasson, Fernox, Artic, Speedfit, Everbuild, Polyplumb, Rothenberger
Width (mm)12
Length (m)12