Tap Washer 1/2in (Pack of 10)

SKU: 108619
The 1/2in Tap Washer (Pack of 10) serves as an efficient replacement for worn washers, designed to secure water-tight seals between tap tail and connector, ensuring leak-free links. It expands upon water introduction to perfect sealing. These washers are ideal for various plumbing applications and comply with industry standards, assuring quality with value. New washer replacement is advised for the best results.

Product Description

The 1/2in Tap Washer (Pack of 10) can be effectively utilised as replacements for worn or degraded washers, useful to have on hand as spares. These washers aid in securing a water-tight seal between the tap tail and the tap connector, ensuring leak-free joins. Upon the introduction of water, the washer expands to perfect the seal. These tap washers are ideal for various plumbing applications, signifying their utility and flexibility. They comply with typical industry standards, reflecting a balance of quality and value. For optimal results, it is recommended to always replace with a new washer and avoid reusing old ones.

Product Specification

Width (mm)69