Delta Tap Washer 1/2in (Pack of 10)

SKU: 108613
This pack of 10, 1/2in tap washers offers optimal efficiency in plumbing applications and valve repairs. Ideal for replacing worn washers and diaphragm washers in Pt 2 float valves, they guarantee standard compliance and exceptional value. Suitable for various merchants and a vital component in plumbing maintenance.

Product Description

These 1/2in tap washers, available in a pack of 10, provide an optimal solution for replacing worn-out washers in many plumbing applications. They can also be utilised as replacement diaphragm washers in Pt 2 float valves. The product meets standard compliance, guarantees quality, and delivers exceptional value for money. Suitable for various merchants, these washers represent a crucial part of plumbing maintenance and repair tasks.

Product Specification

Width (mm)187