Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter 15mm

SKU: 108604
This rugged 15mm copper pipe cutter, made from durable zinc die castings, provides precise and tidy cuts. It's compatible with Restricted Access Handle 22R, designed specifically for copper pipes, and includes a spare cutting wheel (269N). Not applicable for stainless steel. Proudly crafted in Britain.

Product Description

This 15mm copper pipe cutter is ideal for a precise and neat cut. The tool has a sturdy body, crafted from high-strength zinc die castings, ensuring durability. All parts prone to wear are heat-treated to ensure prolonged tool life. Compatible with a Restricted Access Handle 22R, it ensures accurate cuts on specified sizes of copper pipes. It comes equipped with a spare cutting wheel (269N). Please note it's not suitable for use on stainless steel. This product is proudly manufactured in Britain.

Product Specification

MaterialZinc Casting
Width (mm)50
Length (mm)50
Cutting Capacity15 mm