Pipe Freezing Kit Large 8-28mm Spray Aero

SKU: 108600
The Pipe Freezing Kit is a comprehensive solution for pipework repairs without draining the system. Able to freeze pipes within two minutes, it offers safety with a non-flammable formula. The kit's design accommodates tight spaces and diverse pipe sizes, with one 415ml aerosol and two freezing jackets included.

Product Description

This comprehensive Pipe Freezing Kit comes with all the necessary components to meet your pipework repair or maintenance needs without having to drain the system. It can freeze pipes swiftly, in as little as two minutes, using a non-flammable formula to ensure safety. The kit is versatile, allowing both horizontal and vertical pipe freezes. It is specially designed for working in tight spaces and it can cater for two 8-15mm freezes or one 22mm or 28mm freeze. The kit contains one 415ml pipe freeze aerosol and two freezing jackets. Easy-to-follow instructions are also provided.

Product Specification