Gas Cylinder 399.7g

SKU: 108586
Efficient and user-friendly, this 399.7g gas cylinder delivers high flame temperatures for excellent burning performance and shorter operation times. With its sandwich valves and aluminium mono-block, safety is prioritized. It's compatible with super fire and quick fire torches, and burns hotter than standard propane ensuring swift heat transfer. Adhering to en12205 standards and achieving a burning temperature of around 3600°F, it's perfect for a variety of applications.

Product Description

This gas cylinder, weighing 399.7g, is designed with top-notch efficiency and usability in mind. It provides an impressively high flame temperature, which ensures maximum burning performance and reduced operational times. The cylinder offers consistent torch performance, contributing to a splendid welding outcome. It is user-friendly and also prioritises safety with its incorporated sandwich valves and aluminium mono-block construction. The scientific blending ratio further boosts the quality of the flame, creating an efficient welding experience. Suitable for super fire and quick fire torches, and burns at a higher temperature than standard propane, translating to quicker heat transfer. The cylinder complies with en12205 standards, emphasising its quality and safety. The burning temperature reaches approximately 3600°F, making it perfect for various applications.

Product Specification

BrandsBristan, Franke, Pegler, Embrass, McAlpine, Polypipe, Speedfit, Geberit
Weight (kg)0.4