White Pipe Jointing Compound 400g

SKU: 108556
This 400g white cladded jointing compound is favoured for pipe assembly applications due to its non-toxicity, ease of use and non-solidifying properties allowing future modifications. Ensuring a leakproof seal, it prevents weepage and is ideal for cold potable water, compressed air, natural gas, and non-potable hot/cold water services. Note: its use with hemp is discouraged as it's unnecessary for sealing and illegal for potable water systems. It meets the BS6956 Part 5, 1992 standards.

Product Description

This white cladded jointing compound weighs 400g and is a popular choice for pipe assembly applications. Known for its non-toxic properties, it delivers ease of usage and cleanliness during applications. Serving as a lubricant during assembly and adjustment, it does not solidify over time, making it suitable for future modifications in the pipework. This product ensures a leak-proof seal and can eliminate weepage, making it perfect for cold potable water applications. Compatible with compressed air, natural gas, steam and non-potable hot and cold water services, it fosters versatility of use. Please note that the use of hemp with this product is discouraged as it's not required for an effective seal and is not legally permissible on potable water systems. This compound meets the BS6956 Part 5, 1992 standards, ensuring its quality and safety.

Product Specification

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