Large Freezing Spray - 300ml, 8-28mm

SKU: 108503
This 300ml freezing spray is a must-have tool for pipe maintenance, working efficiently in just 2 minutes without the need to empty the system. It's non-flammable, compatible with both horizontal and vertical pipes, and useful in constrained spaces. The product can manage two 8 €“15mm freezes or a single 28mm freeze, showcasing its versatility.

Product Description

This large, 300ml freezing spray provides a convenient solution for the repair and maintenance of pipes without the need to drain the system, enabling time, effort and cost-effective operation. It effectively freezes pipes within just 2 minutes, offering safety with its non-flammable composition. Compatible with both horizontal and vertical pipes, it eliminates the need for system drainage and is ideal for usage in confined spaces. This product can cater to two 8-15mm freezes or one 28mm freeze, combining versatility with efficiency.

Product Specification

BrandsArctic Hayes
Volume (L)0.3