Flux Powerflow - 100g

SKU: 108502
Flux Powerflow is a 100g soft paste, perfect for pre-soldering joint applications. It's free of zinc chloride, minimizing corrosion risks. Suitable for both lead-based and lead-free solder alloys, it features a self-cleaning attribute. This WRAS-approved flux is easy to apply, underlining its high-quality and versatility in multiple use scenarios.

Product Description

The Flux Powerflow, available in a 100g variant, is a soft paste designed for application to joints before soldering. It doesn't contain zinc chloride, reducing the risk of corrosion. This product is compatible with both lead-based and lead-free solder alloys and boasts a self-cleaning feature. Easy to apply, the Powerflow flux meets WRAS approval standards, ensuring its high-quality and suitability for various use cases.

Product Specification

BrandsPlasson, Fernox, Artic, Speedfit, Everbuild, Polyplumb, Rothenberger
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