Doc Washer Type A B (Pack of 10)

SKU: 108498
This pack contains 10 Type A B Doc Washers, ideally suited for multiple plumbing applications and specifically designed for float valves. An affordable and durable option, these washers can replace older models, offering excellent value for money. Note: Compatibility is exclusive to float valves.

Product Description

This bundle of 10 Type A B Doc Washer is ideal for replacing worn-out washers in a myriad of plumbing applications. Specifically designed for adaptation with float valves, these replacements can be comfortably switched to older models if necessary. Remember, however, they are exclusively compatible with float valves. As a product synonymous with trade quality and affordability, this set of washers ensures durability and efficiency. Enjoy the top-quality product, that offers amazing value for money.

Product Specification

Width (mm)73