Fibre Tap Washer 3/4in (Pack of 10)

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These 3/4in Fibre Tap Washers, available in packs of 10, are ideal for renewing worn-out plumbing washers. They form a watertight seal to prevent water flow when the tap is off and deliver powerful performance. With their excellent value and wide compatibility, they provide an effective solution to maintain proper tap function.

Product Description

These 3/4in Fibre Tap Washers, sold in packs of 10, are perfect for renewing worn-out washers in a variety of plumbing settings. The washers help establish a watertight seal when the tap is in the off position, effectively preventing unwanted water flow. These high-quality washers exemplify strong performance and excellent value. They are widely suitable for numerous plumbing applications, offering a practical solution for maintaining proper tap function.

Product Specification

BrandsPlasson, Fernox, Artic, Speedfit, Everbuild, Polyplumb, Rothenberger
Width (mm)68