Diaphragm Washer, 1 1/4in, Torbeck, Pack of 2

SKU: 108489
This pack offers two 1 1/4in diaphragm washers, ideal for use in various plumbing tasks such as kitchen sinks and basins. Renowned for their outstanding value and quality, these washers provide a water-tight seal conforming to BS5412 standard, effectively stopping water flow when the tap is closed. Promising durability and efficiency, they're perfect replacements for worn-out tap washers.

Product Description

This pack of two 1 1/4in diaphragm washers are suitable for various plumbing applications including kitchen sinks and basins. Ideal for replacing worn washers in taps compliant with the BS5412 standard, these high-quality washers ensure a water-tight seal to prevent the flow of water when the tap is closed. Renowned for their exceptional value for money and trade quality, the washers promise durability and efficiency.

Product Specification

Width (mm)95