Gas Leak Detector - Spray 400ml

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The environmentally-friendly 400ml Gas Leak Detector Spray instantly identifies gas leaks with high sensitivity. Boasting a foam action that targets leaks in joints, appliance links, and gas cylinders, it's a non-toxic, non-combustible, and anti-corrosive formula. Guarantees safe use and peace of mind with leak-free gas installations.

Product Description

This 400ml Gas Leak Detector Spray is an easy-to-use solution for quickly identifying any gas leaks. Its high sensitivity and foaming action are optimal for pinpointing gas leaks in joints, appliance connections, gas cylinders, and pipework. This convenient aerosol spray is free from CFCs, making it environmentally friendly. Additionally, its non-combustible, non-toxic, and anti-corrosive features ensure safe and reliable usage. The product brings peace of mind by guaranteeing that your gas installations are leak-free.

Product Specification

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