Flux Powerflow - 350g

SKU: 108478
The Powerflow flux, a smooth paste suitable for pre-solder joint application, is zinc chloride-free, preventing corrosion. Compatible with both lead and lead-free alloys, it features a self-cleaning function. Easy to use, it's ideal for novice users. This WRAS-approved product adheres to water supply regulations, ensuring its versatile use and durability.

Product Description

The Powerflow flux is a smooth, paste-like substance applied to joints before soldering. It is devoid of zinc chloride, which mitigates worries about corrosion. This flux is versatile and compatible with both lead-free and lead-containing solder alloys. It offers a self-cleaning feature, enhancing the applicability and longevity of the product. Being easy to apply, it ensures smooth operation even for inexperienced users. Notably, this product is WRAS approved, referring to its compliance with water supply regulations and standards.

Product Specification

BrandsPlasson, Fernox, Artic, Speedfit, Everbuild, Polyplumb, Rothenberger
Weight (kg)0.35