18mm Offset Pan Connector

SKU: 108456
The 18mm Offset Pan Connector provides a secure, watertight connection between soil pipes and a WC pan spigot. With a yearlong guarantee, it ensures reliability and top-tier performance. Includes lubricant for simple installation, and crafted from EVA for flexibility and durability under load and movement. Designed to accommodate imperfect pipes and spigots to prevent leaks, and ideal for dealing with building settlements.

Product Description

The 18mm Offset Pan Connector is designed to correct misalignments between soil pipes and a WC pan spigot. This high quality connector comes with a yearlong guarantee against any manufacturing defects, assuring reliability and superior performance. It is designed to provide a firm, watertight connection with excellent gripping quality. Additionally, a sachet of lubricant is provided with it (excludes adjustable & rigid connectors). Made from EVA, it remains flexible, making it suitable to withstand WC load bearing pressures and movement. Its design allows for imperfect pipes and spigots while maintaining a secure, watertight seal. Ideal for dealing with building settlement, this connector helps to minimise risks of sealing and cracking that could lead to leaks. The seals and multi-depth fins simplify installation and ensure long-term dependability.

Product Specification

BrandsJG Speedfit, Polypipe, Terrain, FloPlast, Wavin, Hunter
Width (mm)130
Height (mm)179