Renovating Plaster

SKU: 108449
This lightweight, fibre-reinforced plaster is perfect for renovations, especially after installing damp-proof injection systems. With impressive flexural strength and additives that control dampness and salt migration, it also lets walls breathe and dry. The plaster adheres to BBA standards, ensuring quality and performance.

Product Description

This product is a lightweight and fibre-reinforced cementitious plaster, ideal for renovation purposes. Its design and composition make it suitable for use after successful installation of chemical damp-proof injection systems. Enhanced with fibres, the plaster has notable flexural strength and contains additives for effective dampness and salt migration control, all while allowing walls to breath and dry out. This plaster adheres to the BBA standards assuring quality and performance.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Gyproc, Thistle, Knauf, Siniat, Lafarge.
Weight (kg)20