14D Bend Pan Connector

SKU: 108438
The 14D Bend Pan Connector is a durable and efficient tool, designed for connecting a horizontal WC pan spigot to stack branches. Built from high-quality thermoplastic elastomer, it suits long-term use and different pipe sizes (99-105mm) and spigot sizes (97-108mm). It includes a lubricant packet for easy installation and a one-year guarantee. Ideal for various domestic repair and home improvement tasks.

Product Description

The 14D Bend Pan Connector is an efficient tool, purpose-built to link a horizontal WC pan spigot to an individual stack branch. This durable connector offers a tight, moisture-proof link, made possible by its excellent gripping capacity. It has been produced from top-tier thermoplastic elastomer, making it effective for long-term use, and offers a tolerance on connection to the pipe. This connector also comes with a packet of lubricant, helping to simplify the installation process. Made versatile, this reliable connector accommodates pipe sizes ranging between 99 and 105mm as well as spigot sizes, from 97 to 108mm. This connector is ideal for a range of domestic repair, maintenance, and home improvement tasks, and boasts a one-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Product Specification

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