Standard Straight Pan Connector

SKU: 108432
The standard straight pan connector is designed for older style pans, offering a robust, watertight connection with strong gripping power. Crafted from flexible EVA material, it withstands movement and load pressures, reducing leakage risks from building settlement. Coupled with multi-depth fins and seals for easy installation, this lightweight connector comes with a lubricant sachet. The product includes a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, ensuring quality.

Product Description

This standard straight pan connector is highly favoured by plumbers for its consistent performance. Designed specifically for older style pans, it boasts strong gripping power, ensuring a robust watertight connection. This connector comes inclusive of a lubricant sachet (except where adjustable or rigid connectors are concerned). Crafted from EVA material, its flexible properties make it ideal to withstand movement and toilet load pressures, diminishing the risk of leakage caused by sealing or cracking issues that can occur due to building settlement. With seals and multi-depth fins, the product ensures easy and hassle-free installation over time. This lightweight connector also simplifies handling due to its manageable weight. The product comes with a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects implying its quality assurance.

Product Specification

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