Perimeter Edge Channel 3600mm (Pack 10)

SKU: 108381
The 3600mm Edge Channel, crafted from galvanised steel, is renowned for enhancing the stability of suspended ceiling systems. Compliant with industry standards, its superior-quality promotes longevity and a reliable support for MF Ceiling Systems. Focused on stability enhancement, it offers a robust edge support for any setting.

Product Description

This Edge Channel of 3600mm is formed from galvanised steel, typically utilised to provide support on the edge of suspended ceiling systems. Being of superior quality and highly durable, it conforms to industry standards and offers a robust border for the MF Ceiling System. Its main function is to enhance stability and act as a reliable support structure in any setting.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Knauf, Lafarge, Gyproc, Siniat
Width (mm)26
Thickness (mm)0.5
Length (m)3.6