Steel Lintel HD90 4200mm

SKU: 108285
The 4200mm Steel Lintel HD90 stands out with superior quality and advanced protection. Its after-fabrication hot-dip galvanising increases zinc coverage by up to 50%. Its unique supergalv coating extends lifespan, while its thermal bridging reduction yields up to 55% SAP value improvement, ensuring compliance with industry standards and wide utility.

Product Description

This Steel Lintel HD90 is 4200mm in size and stands out due to its superior quality. It offers advanced protection with a hot-dip galvanising process conducted after fabrication, resulting in increased zinc coverage of up to 50% more than other equivalent coatings. Its distinctive supergalv coating extends the product's lifespan significantly. This standard cavity lintel reduces thermal bridging, yielding up to a 55% improvement over default SAP values. This ensures its compliance with industry standards and suitabilty for wide-ranging uses.

Product Specification

Width (mm)280
Length (mm)4200
Height (mm)232
Length (m)4.2