4800mm CB90 Steel Lintel

SKU: 108274
This steel lintel, measuring 4800mm, is crucial in building construction, supporting doors, windows, and other openings. Made from durable CB90 steel, this product complies with industry-standard quality and safety norms. Its widespread use extends to multiple merchant offerings.

Product Description

This product is a steel lintel measuring 4800mm long. Commonly used in building construction, steel lintels are essential components that provide support over doors, windows and other openings. This lintel is made from durable CB90 steel, ensuring it adheres to the standard quality and safety regulations prevalent in the industry. It's a widely used product catering to multiple merchant's offerings.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Birtley, Ancon, Keystone
Width (mm)280
Height (mm)232
Length (m)4.8
Dimensions (metric)4800mm x 280mm x 232mm