Push-fit universal connector grey 40mm

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The 40mm Universal Grey Push-fit Connector provides a reliable solution for waste pipe assembly, offering time and cost efficiency. It features two push-fit ring-seal sockets, accommodating easy connections with various materials. Compatible with BS EN 1451-1, 1455-1, and 1566-1 standard pipes, it can also link with BS 659 & 2871 compliant copper pipes. Available in different colors, it caters to a range of pipe sizes.

Product Description

This 40mm Universal Grey Push-fit Connector offers a practical and efficient solution for waste pipe assembly, saving both time and on-site costs. It facilitates easy connections to other materials. Notably, it has two push-fit ring-seal sockets and offers compatibility with pipes meeting BS EN 1451-1, BS EN 1455-1, and BS EN 1566-1 standards. It can also connect to copper pipes adhering to BS 659 & BS 2871. Its compliance with BS EN 1451-1:2000 is kitemarked, promising quality and reliability. commonly available in black, white, and grey, its varieties can cater to different pipe sizes like 32, 40 and 50mm.

Product Specification

BrandsJG Speedfit, Polypipe, Terrain, FloPlast, Wavin, Hunter
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (mm)95
Diameter (mm)40
Connection TypePush-Fit