Basin Waste with Chrome Plug, 1 1/4in

SKU: 108143
A 1 1/4in slotted basin waste with a sturdy chrome plug, crafted from robust brass. Features a chrome-plated body, a chain, and chain stay, making it perfect for standard basins. Offers an impressive 2-year guarantee for assured quality.

Product Description

This product features a basin waste with an accompanying chrome plug, measuring 1 1/4in in size. Made from solid brass, it comes with a chrome chain and chain stay. The unit has a slotted build and is covered in chrome plating. Boasting a 2-year guarantee, this item adheres to high-quality standards, making it suitable for use in most standard basins.

Product Specification

BrandsBristan, OSMA Wavin, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, Geberit
Width (mm)65
Length (mm)90
Height (mm)65
Diameter (mm)32