Waste Valve - White 32mm

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The 32mm self-sealing waste valve in white prevents sewage odours and negative pressure in waste systems, introducing fresh air when needed. Its slim design fits perfectly under sinks in limited spaces. The valve, equipped with a waterless trap, functions even when dry and is ideal for use under sanitary fixtures to block unwanted smells.

Product Description

This self-sealing waste valve, available in white and measuring 32mm, effectively prevents the release of unpleasant sewage odours. Its slimline design is perfectly suited for installation in limited spaces and can be fitted beneath sinks to maximise room. Featuring a waterless trap, it remains functional even when dry. It also helps to avoid negative pressure within the waste system, introducing fresh air when necessary. This valve is specifically designed for waste connections situated under sanitary fixtures to prevent unwanted sewage smells from permeating the building.

Product Specification

BrandsBristan, OSMA Wavin, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, Geberit
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (mm)188
Diameter (mm)32