Bottle Waste Trap 75mm seal 32mm white

SKU: 108133
The 32mm Waste Bottle Trap with a 75mm seal sports a stylish white finish, effectively preventing unpleasant air from re-entering your house. Compatible with plastic and copper pipes, it supports bath, washing machine and shower drains. This sturdy accessory meets standard compliance regulations, making it an ideal solution for improvement and maintenance jobs around the home.

Product Description

This 32mm Waste Bottle Trap, equipped with a 75mm seal and presented in a classic white finish, is an essential household accessory compatible with both plastic and copper pipes. With a comprehensive range which includes accessories for bath, washing machine, and shower drains, the trap is designed to stop foul air from re-entering your home, making it ideal for both maintenance and improvement jobs in your domestic setting. It fulfils standard compliance regulations and ensures top quality, guaranteeing a sturdy and reliable experience.

Product Specification

BrandsBristan, OSMA Wavin, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, Geberit
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Width (mm)66
Length (mm)175
Height (mm)66
Diameter (mm)32
ApplicationSink & Basin
Depth Of Seal75 mm