Adjustable Bath Trap 38mm

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Versatile and reliable, the Adjustable Bath Trap with a diameter of 38mm is a great fit for various home repair needs. Made from robust polypropylene and complies with BS EN 274-1:2002 standard, promising high durability. It's equipped with a 75mm water seal, multifit compression outlet, and extra swivel, making it compatible with materials like plastic, copper, and lead pipes. Suitable for sinks and washbasins, it comes in three sizes.

Product Description

Ideal for home upkeep and improvements, this Adjustable Bath Trap with a 38mm diameter is versatile and reliable. With an adjustable inlet and extra swivel, it's suitable for a variety of domestic repair tasks. Assured by a decade-long manufacturer's guarantee, this bath trap also conforms to the BS EN 274-1:2002 standard. Exporting high mark of craftsmanship, it is made from durable polypropylene and features a 75mm water seal. Its multifit compression outlet is compatible with an array of materials such as plastic, copper and lead pipes, further enhancing its adaptability. Primarily designed for sinks and washbasins, it comes in three different sizes to cater for all your needs.

Product Specification

BrandsBristan, OSMA Wavin, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, Geberit
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Diameter (mm)38
Depth Of Seal75 mm