Seal P Trap 38mm x 75mm

SKU: 108053
The 38mm x 75mm Seal P Trap is a versatile plumbing accessory that fits plastic, copper, and lead pipes. Made from robust, high-temperature polypropylene, it conforms to BS EN 274-1:2002 standards and features an anti-syphon valve to reduce noise and odours. Suitable for all domestic plumbing, its adjustable inlet ensures easy installation and usage for all repair or home improvement tasks.

Product Description

The 38mm x 75mm Seal P Trap is a quality accessory for domestic plumbing installations, designed with a universal compatibility for both plastic and copper waste pipes. It is made of robust, high-temperature polypropylene and features a multifit compression outlet. This efficient accessory, conforming to BS EN 274-1:2002 standards, also fits lead pipes with utmost efficiency. The seal P trap is equipped with an anti-syphon valve that balances negative syphonic pressure, contributing to the reduction of gurgling and noise. It aids in maintaining bathroom hygiene by eliminating odours. Additionally, its adjustable inlet paves the way for easy installation and suitability for all repair, maintenance, and home improvement tasks.

Product Specification

BrandsJG Speedfit, Polypipe, Terrain, FloPlast, Wavin, Hunter
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Diameter (mm)38
Depth Of Seal75 mm