Duct Bend, 2/54mm, 45 Degree

SKU: 108034
The General Purpose Duct Bend offers a versatile, durable solution for various civil engineering applications. Angled at 45 degrees and measuring 2/54mm, this product is crafted from robust PVCu fulfilling high-standard ducting system requirements.

Product Description

This General Purpose Duct Bend, with a dimension of 2/54mm and angled at 45 degrees, is made from resilient PVCu. Its functional properties provide durability and efficiency in various infrastructure setups. It adheres to the high standards commonly associated with ducting systems, offering a versatile solution for a wide range of civil engineering applications.

Product Specification

BrandsMarley, OSMA Wavin, Brett Martin, Polypipe, FloPlast
Dimensions (metric)54mm