Copper Pipe Adaptor for 25 x 15 mm Plasson

SKU: 108029
The 25 x 15 mm Plasson Copper Pipe Adaptor caters to multiple applications including urban infrastructure, agriculture, and industry. Its primary function is the efficient transfer of water and other fluids, with a standout feature of resizing pipes from 25mm to 22mm. Extremely durable, it's made from robust plastic and can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, it's tested for pressure endurance, handling up to 16 bar pressures. A versatile choice for varied fluid conveyance needs.

Product Description

This Copper Pipe Adaptor, perfect for 25 x 15 mm Plasson, is designed for versatile uses in urban and inter-urban infrastructure, agriculture, industry and mining applications. It primarily aids in safely and efficiently transferring water and other fluids. Its key feature lies in shrinking pipe connections from 25mm to 22mm. By inserting the pipe into the fitting stop, a solid grip and seal on the pipe is formed. With its ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures, this adaptor is durable, made from robust plastic material. Notably, these mechanical compression fittings are tested for pressure endurance, capable of managing up to 16 bar working pressures. All in all, this pipe adaptor is a reliable choice for diverse fluid conveyance needs.

Product Specification

BrandsSpeedfit, FloPlast, Philmac, Plasson, Polypipe, Marley, Flopast
Diameter (mm)25
Connection TypeCompression